Find the finest properies in Palma City

Palma de Mallorca stretches along the bay of Palma in the west of Mallorca. The agglomeration of the capital is more than 30 km long. It stretches from the coast near Magaluf to the coast near S’Arenal and has around 500,000 inhabitants, which makes up about half of the population of Mallorca. In the north-west of Palma de Mallorca there is the Serra de Tramuntana and in the north-east there is a small range of hills that separate the capital from the central plain of the island. To the east of the city is the sandy beach of Platja de Palma. This extends over ten kilometers to S’Arenal. To the west is the bay of Cala Major. The center of the city consists largely of the beautiful historic old town.

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